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Welcome to Christensen Pediatric Dental! Let our family be your family’s home for exceptional kid-friendly care.

For nearly 50 years, the Christensen family has proudly supported the oral health needs of children in Ogden, northern Utah, and southwestern Wyoming. It has been a great joy for Dr. Aaron Christensen to continue the family legacy Dr. Allen M. Christensen started in 1977.

Parents and caregivers trust that their children are in the safest, most highly qualified hands. Christensen Pediatric Dental makes every effort to support the most comfortable experience for kids and their parents alike. This is not a dental factory; this is a dental “family.” And we strive to be an exceptional “home” for dentistry services that are tailored to and account for the unique needs of children.

We provide pediatric dentistry and pediatric dentistry only. Rest assured that, with this focused and unique level of expertise in children’s dental health, we will get them off to the best possible start. The health and function of the teeth, gums, and mouth contribute to healthy development as a whole in early childhood. It can also either help or hinder the health of the “rest” of your child, as oral conditions are linked to conditions that affect other parts of the body.

Generally, all kids can benefit from the following opportunities for care:

  • Early visits – As a pediatric dentist, Dr. Christensen recommends that the first visit be scheduled within six months of noticing the first baby tooth peeking through the gums and no later than a child’s first birthday (even if teeth have not erupted). These earliest visits are about getting you and your child comfortable with dental care, as well as our office and team. We will check for potential problems that must be addressed immediately, and we advise on things parents can do to promote the health of the gums and developing teeth. This may include guidance on tooth-friendly nutrition and addressing potentially destructive habits like persistent thumb-sucking and pacifier use.
  • Routine “check-ups” – It is essential to “role model” good habits. Just as you maintain check-ups at your dentist’s office, your child should get into a healthy habit of visiting us at least once every six months – more often if they have active problems that need to be resolved or risk factors for certain conditions. During these 6-month visits, Dr. Christensen thoroughly examines their teeth, gums, and supportive tissues and structures. The idea is to “catch” and address problems early before they cause damage. We also help to manage gum disease and tooth decay with gentle teeth cleanings. Dr. Christensen and our talented dental assistants have the tools and training to remove stubborn plaque and to keep your child’s teeth healthy and stain-free and their breath smelling fresh.
  • Professional preventive services – Conservative, preventive dental care is always more comfortable than fixing issues after the fact. True to this fact, we emphasize education, teach healthy technique and habits, then fortify your child’s oral health with sealants and fluoride. Sealants are applied to the uneven surfaces of hard-to-reach back teeth to “seal out” the “bad stuff” that causes cavities, like bacteria and lingering food particles. Fluoride therapy is important to strengthen your child’s protective “armor” (tooth enamel). It is safe and may be introduced non-invasively and painlessly to fight dental decay.

Of course, Christensen Pediatric Dental provides a full range of restorative, pediatric dentistry services for when prevention is not enough. These include fillings and crowns tailored to your child’s unique needs and “space maintainers” to minimize the risk of complications caused by the premature loss of baby teeth. We also offer laser-assisted lip-tie and tongue-tie release, and provide a full range of safe sedation dentistry options to make procedures easier for those patients who have significant dental anxiety. Call our office in Ogden, Utah, at (801) 845-3565 to learn more today.

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Provide high quality dental care in an environment that is fun, safe, and comfortable for our patients, their parents, and our team.

Help young patients learn to trust the dental team. Educate and support patients and parents in their efforts to develop good dental habits for a lifetime.

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Your child’s first choice for expert, friendly care in a fun, safe environment. Schedule their first visit by their first birthday and start their journey to a lifetime of healthy smiles.

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Our practice boasts a dedicated group of loyal patients who continue to choose us time and time again for their dental needs. Their trust and satisfaction inspire us every day.

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Dr. Aaron Christensen

Dr. Aaron A. Christensen graduated with honors in pediatric dentistry from Oregon Health & Science University.

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Active community involvement includes volunteering with the Boy Scouts and participating in the Give Kids a Smile program.


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