Dental sealants: Sealing out decay to keep vulnerable teeth strong and healthy!

Christensen Pediatric Dental is privileged to play an important role in your child’s health. Oral health sets the tone for a lifetime of overall health. The state and condition of the teeth and gums can support or hinder a child’s ability to comfortably enjoy a variety of nutritious foods or to sleep uninterrupted, without pain, throughout the night. A healthy diet and regenerative sleep are essential for everyone, but all the more important in early childhood, during those pivotal developmental months and years. 

Dr. Christensen and our team in Ogden, Utah, support the healthiest start for your child with dental sealants and an array of professional preventative services. 

How sealants fit into an effective preventive program

Our approach to dentistry is built on a foundation of robust preventive care. Routine “check-ups” or office visits are foundational to preventative dentistry. These visits, complete with thorough exams and teeth cleanings, complement good oral care at home. 

During such check-ups, we can discuss additional ways to keep your child’s teeth strong and healthy. These options include sealants. Dr. Christensen considers many factors when recommending sealants or other services, such as your child’s unique risks for dental decay and age. 

Sealants are thin, safe, painless, non-invasive, and comfortable coverings for deep dental grooves. They are primarily indicated for the back teeth. On average, permanent molars erupt around age 6 and 12; pre-molars typically erupt between ages 10 and 12. Depending on your child’s needs, we may recommend sealants as a proactive measure as these teeth erupt. Primary or baby teeth are not routinely sealed due to the fact that good sealants require a still patient and a dry mouth to work in; however, in the right situation and with the right patient, baby teeth can also be sealed.

What to expect

Sealants can be applied in just minutes. 

  • First, the tooth that will be “sealed” is cleaned and dried.
  • Then, the tooth is “conditioned” with a special gel. This step helps to ensure the strongest bond between sealant material and natural tooth surface. 
  • The sealant is applied gently and painlessly into the grooved surfaces of the back teeth as a liquid. In its highly fluid form, the sealant can effectively penetrate the uneven pits and fissures that tend to “trap” food particles (and present a breeding ground for decay-causing bacteria). 
  • Once the sealant has been applied properly, it is hardened or “cured” with a special light.
  • We’ll stay on top of the condition of the sealants during check-ups. Every mouth is different, so sealants wear out at different rates in different mouths. As needed, we can replace them so they continue to protect these vulnerable back teeth where most cavities occur.

Christensen Pediatric Dental welcomes any questions about sealants and other ways to keep your child’s smile healthy, pain-free, and exuding confidence. Call (801) 845-3565 to reach our team in Odgen, UT today.