When the loss (extraction) of a tooth is a gain for your child’s health!

Modern dentistry has advanced to where we, as dental professionals, can rebuild a portion (or all) of a tooth in a way that looks, feels, and functions no differently than natural teeth that remain healthy. Yet, there is still no synthetic tooth that is superior to the “real deal.” 

Every effort is made to preserve natural teeth, including the baby teeth that also support proper development of their permanent replacements. With routine check-ups at Christensen Pediatric Dental in Ogden, Utah, and guidance on good oral care at home, we hope your child can avoid the pain, damage, and eventual extractions or tooth loss associated with dental decay and infection. 

When the loss of a tooth is a gain

Even so, removal of teeth may still be necessary. Not all badly damaged or deeply infected teeth can be saved with interventions such as pulpotomy or pulpectomy (“baby root canal therapy”). Sometimes, healthy teeth are removed for orthodontic purposes or because they are staying in longer than they should have (we like to call these “shark teeth” because new teeth erupt in a row behind the baby teeth.) Our gentle approach to removing teeth may be essential to relieve the intense pain that often characterizes deep decay or infection, or to make room for a new tooth to erupt.

The process 

Led by Dr. Aaron Christensen, our team uses light-touch techniques, pain-relieving medications, and a range of relaxing, sedative options (as appropriate) to painlessly and safely remove teeth. When necessary, they may be loosened and lifted from their socket. This can be accomplished in a number of ways, but our primary focus in on making the experience a positive one for your child. 

It is common for our older pediatric patients to require the removal of impacted wisdom teeth. These are the last teeth to appear in the mouth–usually around 16-18 years of age. There may not be enough room for these back-most molars to develop and erupt properly. As they attempt to break through the gums, these third molars may produce extreme pressure and pain. With regular exams, we will help you determine when the best time is to have troublesome wisdom teeth removed. This is not a procedure normally offered in our office, so we will be happy to point you to one of the skilled oral surgeons in our area.

Benefit from proactive, specialty care

As partners in pediatric patients’ health, the development of the teeth, jaws, and other structures are monitored during regular check-ups. Dr. Christensen’s keen eye, skill, and advanced diagnostics allow us to detect potential problems early on. As problems may arise, it is important to discuss options for tooth replacement promptly. Even lost baby teeth require intervention with the likes of “space maintainers.” These appliances help to hold the space where the lost primary tooth used to be. In doing so, they “guide” the permanent teeth into their proper positions and prevent other teeth from shifting toward the gap. 

Essential secondary/permanent teeth must also be replaced with conventional bridges or crowns and bridges supported by implants, but permanent tooth replacement is dictated heavily by the age and development of your child. In any case, it is essential to have a plan in place to help avoid undesired tooth movement or bone loss in the jaw. Failure to plan can have a devastating impact on facial aesthetics, chewing, and speech function. Get your child into a “role model” and a healthy routine! Contact Christensen Pediatric Dental to schedule your child’s first but by no means last visit to our office in Ogden, UT. Our team looks forward to meeting you and welcomes your call at (801) 845-3565.