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The behaviors and practices that you role model can help establish good habits and set your child on a healthy path for life. While that responsibility can seem daunting at times, you are not alone. Christensen Pediatric Dental is more than just another dental office in Ogden, Utah. We are proud to be your child’s “home” for quality, pediatric-only care. Here again, that’s all that we do. We treat children and children only and love doing so. We also partner closely with parents, caregivers, and other family members. 

Healthy dental relationships start with the first exam and cleaning. Just as you ideally visit your dentist once every six months, your child, too, will begin to visit us at least twice every year for their “check-ups.” The first visit should generally occur before your child’s first birthday; however, if your child is already past that age, that’s OK…we welcome children of all ages!

Much of this initial appointment is about getting you and your child comfortable with our team, surroundings, and approach to dental care. It generally involves:

  • Dr. Christensen, taking a look inside of your child’s mouth
  • Speaking with you about what your child drinks and eats, as well as other habits that could affect their developing teeth and tissues
  • Going over and answering any questions about pacifier and baby bottle use, thumb-sucking, and other concerns you may have
  • Demonstrating techniques to clean little mouths even before the first tooth may erupt – the gums need care, too!
  • Explaining the importance of baby teeth when it comes to guiding the healthy development of permanent teeth and their relationship to other oral structures
  • Identifying and discussing your child’s unique risk factors for dental decay, gum disease, and other early problems 

As your child ages, we take a gentle approach to dental cleanings. We remove stains, bacteria, plaque, and stubborn tartar from developing smiles. Our team is also on the lookout for early signs of problems, like enamel erosion and cavities. We aim to stay ahead of issues with preventative services, such as safe fluoride prescriptions and in-office fluoride applications to keep enamel strong; dental sealants to “seal out” decay-causing substances from deep grooves in harder-to-reach molars and premolars; and diet instruction to help families understand how eating habits affect both the mouth and the body as a whole. 

A visual evaluation will eventually be accompanied by radiographs (X-rays). Modern dental X-ray units emit very low radiation and are safe for patients of all ages. Radiographic images allow Dr. Christensen to “see” areas that cannot be analyzed with human eyes alone. Usually, your child’s first set of X-rays is made around the age of three, but success depends greatly on each patient. The need for radiographic images is determined by your child’s dental development, decay risk, and other factors that can be discussed at each appointment. 

We welcome your family to our dental family!

Call (801) 845-3565 to schedule your visit to Christensen Pediatric Dental, your child’s new “home” for exceptional dentistry in Ogden, UT.