Protecting the health and beauty of your child’s smile by restoring teeth with esthetic dental restorations

For almost 50 years, the team at Christensen Pediatric Dental has protected the oral health of generations of children in Ogden, northern Utah, and southwestern Wyoming. With routine exams and other preventive services, we can address conditions that frequently damage the teeth and supportive structures.  

However, even with the best of care, we understand that problems arise. Trauma or damage to a tooth can still occur. Fortunately, parents and caregivers can have peace of mind. Your children are in excellent hands with Dr. Aaron Christensen and his proven experience.  Dr. Christensen and our kind and skillful team restore the health, function, and appearance of your child’s decayed, broken, or otherwise traumatized teeth. We can do so comfortably, safely, efficiently, and affordably.

ABCs of pediatric dental restorations

Today’s pediatric dentists can restore a damaged or decayed tooth with some of the most natural-looking materials, so a tooth Dr. Christensen treats and strengthens can look, feel, and function like healthy, un-damaged tooth structure and its unaltered neighbors. 

As with all treatments and services at our “dental home,” the restorative process starts with an exam. For smaller cavities, many teeth can be restored with fillings. When it is determined that a tooth needs a filling, Dr. Christensen will explain your options and give recommendations based upon your child’s dental needs, the pros and cons of each material, and your desired outcome. Dr. Christensen has years of experience with both amalgam (silver) and composite (white) fillings, and he will help you create a treatment plan you can have confidence in.

Dr. Christensen may end up recommending a crown if the damage to the tooth is extensive. Big cavities need stronger materials to fix the problem. Where a filling would not provide adequate “coverage” to support the tooth over the long term, experience supports using a crown to sustain health and function of the tooth. Again, Dr. Christensen will be happy to share his expertise and help you with the decision making process.

The 123’s of dental restorations

If fillings or crowns are in your child’s future, we are happy to discuss several options available to keep your child relaxed during treatment. We provide a full range of anesthetic and sedative methods for the most comfortable and pleasant experience. 

Once your child is comfortable, we want to give the tooth a clean slate and we will remove any damaged tissue or decayed areas. The remaining tooth structure is prepared according to the treatment plan. Conservative fillings are used to restore small cavities or, in cases of larger cavities, crowns can fit properly over the natural, prepared tooth. If the decay or damage extends into the nerve, we will discuss options for preserving the tooth. Usually this involves a pulpotomy–often referred to as a “baby root canal.” Although that term is not exactly accurate, it does involve using medicine to calm the nerve and allow the tooth to keep functioning.

Dr. Christensen may select from a prefabricated or “pre-fitted” crown. Such crowns are made from stainless steel or zirconium. Both of these featured materials are very strong. With good oral care, these crowns can last many years, minimizing the need for additional treatment in the future. 

Zirconium crowns are made from a type of dental ceramic. This material is considered to be a highly esthetic option for teeth that are in visible areas. Metal crowns may be preferred for back teeth, which sustain the brunt of chewing function and are less noticeable when your child smiles. Whichever crown type is appropriate, our primary concern is to provide a durable, healthy restoration that can serve your child well. 

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There is no other child quite like yours. Likewise, no two treatment plans are the same. If your child is due for a check-up, we encourage you to contact us immediately. Do not wait for problems to arise or for existing concerns to become worse. These things do not simply go away on their own without professional treatment. Call without delay at (801) 845-3565 to reach the Christensen Pediatric Dental team in Ogden, UT.