The cavity-fighting, tooth-rebuilding power of safe, professional fluoride therapy

Since community water fluoridation was first introduced in the U.S. in the 1940s, the CDC notes that the incidence of cavities in children and adults has decreased by 25%. Such fluoride programs are generally associated with less pain and trauma, fewer missed school days, and cost savings (restorative treatments are avoided). 

Your child may be getting enough of this natural, beneficial mineral from your existing water source. As partners in children’s dental health and their home for exceptional dentistry in Ogden, Utah, Christensen Pediatric Dental is happy to do this “homework” for you. We can evaluate the level of fluoride in your water. From there, we either don’t have to do anything (the levels are sufficient), or we may recommend safe supplementation. 

The power and demonstrated safety of fluoride 

As your child’s teeth develop, vitamins and minerals are essential. Fluoride is one of these minerals which occurs naturally in trace amounts in water and some food sources. It is also added to many municipal water supplies due to its “remineralizing” power. Tooth enamel is made up of minerals. As we eat food, our mouths experience periods of acidity. In the presence of acids, the minerals in our teeth are negatively affected (demineralization). This process leads to increased enamel erosion, tooth decay, and the general weakening of the teeth.

Fluoride has been shown to safely strengthen dental enamel and help decrease the affect acids can have on your child’s teeth. Remineralization refers to the movement of minerals back into enamel after an acid attack. Fluoride helps the remineralization process by keeping the teeth strong, especially when available during the formative stages of development. It can play a preventive role in helping to stop cavities from forming in the first place and can aid in rebuilding teeth that have sustained enamel erosion. 

The ease and effectiveness of professional supplements

Fluoride therapy takes on many different forms. Dentists like Dr. Christensen have a range of fluoride products at their fingertips, from foams and rinses to varnishes and gels. When used as instructed by the doctor, you can trust that just the right amount of fluoride is introduced to prevent decay and other damage to the teeth effectively. The “dosage” is based on factors not limited to your child’s age. 

For example, we may apply a varnish to the teeth. This product is simply brushed on. It is not associated with adverse risks and is also not invasive. Our pediatric patients won’t feel anything. In fact, by keeping the teeth strong, we minimize discomfort caused by enamel erosion (like heightened sensitivity to cold drinks and foods). It is cost-effective, typically covered by dental insurance plans, and can be applied quickly – easily integrated into your child’s regular check-ups. 

Fluoride products are constantly evolving. We are pleased to offer an alternative of traditional fluoride therapy formulated with bacteria-killing silver. This “silver diamine fluoride” (SDF) may be indicated for our patients whose teeth have already sustained some damage, such as small cavities. It is an option that can buy time for your child before completing a final restoration or before a tooth falls out on its own. Dr. Christensen is happy to discuss the pros and cons of this option with you. 

All products and services found at Christensen Pediatric Dental are safe and in the best interests of your child’s long-term health. We encourage you to contact us with any questions or concerns about the use of fluoride. Our team is here to help with trusted, credible guidance. You may also call us at (801) 845-3565 to schedule an appointment at our office in Ogden, UT, today.